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2011-10-06 10:49:48 by BelligerentF

Check out my new Facebook page

My Facebook Page

Music Times!!

2011-10-04 22:35:59 by BelligerentF

I'm slowly but surely trying to get my music out there. I have linked my new tumblr account and from that you can access my youtube channel...BelligerentOlson. I will be adding more and more music every chance I get. I gave up of the whole flash movie thing back when my free trial of CS5 ran out. So this will be the focus of my newgrounds site from now on.

Holy Shizz

2011-02-22 11:17:56 by BelligerentF

This semester is overwhelming, maybe 15 hours in grad school is too much. I will definitely post some more music in the summer...and by the way, MvC3 is becoming a greater and greater distraction, should have waited to get that.

Semester on it's way

2011-01-10 14:59:47 by BelligerentF

Well, All this fun time spent in my office on newgrounds will shortly come to a halt. I enjoyed the break from school (although I still had to be here to work in the lab) and now it is back to the daily grind. I will try and post a few more songs (already recorded just have to put them in mp3 format) before the 18th


2010-12-24 10:19:15 by BelligerentF

My stomach hurts from overeating after a night of drinking and playing games at my friends...and now I am expected to eat a ton of waffles because they were made for me. My stomach is going to hate me

I am trying to get a vote here...I have eaten at La Carreta's, On the Border, and Serranos. I plan on heading to Superior this month. So far the best food I have eaten has been the Chicken Burrito (humongous) at Serranos. They also have a $0.99 margarita night on Mondays so +1 there. Any thoughts on the best Mexican restaurant you have eaten at?
Serranos' Website


2010-12-20 10:56:56 by BelligerentF

2 eggs over easy, 2 slices of buttered toast ( for dipping in the yolk...Mmmm), 2 sausage patties (ketchup), hash-browns with chili and shredded cheddar cheese on top (ketchup), bacon cheese burger (ketchup), and a large glass of iced tea!!!

my heart already feels the strain!


2010-12-17 18:07:28 by BelligerentF

Awesome...I was able to get a copy of CS5...now to try and put it to good use

I have been sitting here at work, trying to add to the breadth of the newgrounds community by slacking off and downloading the trial version of flash to start learning the program. All the tutorials I can find are either for much older versions or for CS4 or CS5. There are subtle differences and my attempts are coming out awkward. Any help would be much appreciated and by help I mean links to CS3 pro tutorial information. ( I have found a few for CS3 but they were somewhat unintelligible...and yes I went to adobe's site to look there and could only find CS4 and CS5)